After eagerly waiting for several months to hear the results, we were delighted to find out that Middle Way Cherry has been awarded a 1 -star Great Taste Award 2018.  There were 12,634 entries into Great Taste this year and of those products, 3,254 were awarded a 1-star award.    

It is very true that you cannot please everyone, and this is something that can be difficult when you put all your efforts in to a new venture, so receiving this accolade has reinforced our passion to bring deliciously refreshing lower sugar soft drinks to the people!  Every time we make a batch we are amazed by the natural red colour of the liquid, which as the Great Taste Award judging panel said was “a fun, vibrant candy colour”.   

At 67 calories per bottle our cherry variant is a great option for those who are looking to switch from full-sugar sodas to a more natural and lower sugar option.  Whilst it may be lower in sugar there is certainly no compromise on taste, with the panel noting that the drink is “mildly spicy on the nose,  very fruity on the palate, with restrained sugar, and a pleasing contribution from the kefir”.   

Next year we look forward to submitting two more of our drinks for the award – our lemon flavour, and also the new flavour which will be launched in September. Our online shop will be open very soon, and we appreciate your patience and support while we have been working behind the scenes. 

We hope you love Cherry Middle Way as much as we do, but for now, cherry-o!

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